about me

I have had an exciting and varied career in industrial design, with experience working on a range of products including intelligent helmets wearables, Apple Watch bands, the screen design of televisions, hearing aids, and a variety of headsets and audio equipment. One of my standout experiences was working as the creative responsible for industrial design at Jabra Mobile, where I developed a product portfolio and innovated many new types of headsets, including the Jabra Stone and Eclipse. I also worked on a consultancy basis, taking projects from sketch to final production using 3D design software and collaborating with the Xiamen office in China to ensure efficient and high-quality production. In addition to my work at Jabra, I have also held positions at design agencies in France, Sweden, Denmark, and New York, where I have worked on projects for clients such as Sony Ericsson, Becton-Dickinson, BRIO, Colgate, Graco Baby, and John Deere. I am skilled in using 3D design software such as CREO and have experience working with both large and small parts, as well as designing for high-yield production. Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to take on new challenges and deliver innovative and high-quality designs. I am excited to continue pursuing my passion for industrial design and finding new opportunities to make a positive impact through my work.